Boat safari is the common service provided by Gangabada Asiriya. The most of the visitors want to see the beauty of a natural green wet land and interesting places such as Kothduwa, Sathapaheduwa. There fore many of the visitors would prefer to go on a boat safari in Maduganga.

The birds watching is the other favorite event offered by Gangabada Asiriya. This is for the visitors, who are interested in low land bird species. If you move your eyes carefully you can understand that this is a fascinating bird paradise.

There is a great opportunity for people who would like to go on fishing. There are two kinds of fishing methods used in Gangabada Asiriya. They are river fishing & deep sea fishing.

Now Gangabada Asiriya offers a wonderful tour called as ‘sun rise tour with breakfast’. It is to see the beauty of sun rise on been a boat. And it is especially formatted in the early morning before the sun rise.

Gangabada Asiriya has been introducing some sort of water games to enjoy for younger people. We are looking for to develop the facilities to provide good water games as well.

If you want to stay beside the river & the sea Gangabada Walawwa is the ideal location to stay at. You can enjoy comfortable room facilities from Gangabada Walawwa. You can use the swimming pool as well. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is provided according to your desire.